Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I moved friends...  and if you want to keep up with my crazy hijinks then come visit me at my new blog - Fifi's Year Off.  I really really hope to see all four of you there.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

They're Baaaack... school!  Little XY was pretty cool about his very first day of high school.  I mean, look at him:
I think he is going to be ok.   
And it is the first day of the last year of high school for Sweet XX. 

They refused to blow kisses to the camera.  Brats.

And Elder XY is supposed to be going to the college to attend an information session about  apprenticeship programs.  Unfortunately, he's not living here and that made a photo impossible.  (He was surprised to learn that there is an apprenticeship for sign-holding on road construction sites.  You know the guys/girls that stand there and direct traffic with signs that say 'STOP' and 'SLOW'?    I too was surprised when he told me.  It may not be too late for me to go back to school.  I bet I could ace the classroom portion of that one.) 

Babies grow up.
Heavy sigh... 

Monday, September 6, 2010

30/30 Remix - or - Imitation, The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Kellie at Rockstar Boots is doing a 30/30 remix and I am going to copy her participate.  (Unlike my wedding, no shotguns are involved.  Ha! 30/30!  Get it?!)  What is involved is choosing thirty items from your closet, and using only those items for the next thirty days to attire yourself.  (Accessories are freebies.) There are a number of reasons why I am doing this and some I will list below:
  • I need to find out if I even have thirty items of clothing that still fit me.  
  • Now that the kids are back to school, I would probably just let myself sit in pajamas all day.
  • Kellie did a '2010 Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge' earlier this year, and I thought it was such a cool thing to do.  
The other challenge is that I can't buy anything new, I have to use what I have.  The 30/30 remix dates are September 15 to October 14.  This will be an exciting month.  I will need to choose an ensemble special enough for David Sedaris, and Mr. XY might like me to wear something decent for the big two oh anniversary.   Or he just may want me to wear yoga pants.  (He loves yoga pants.  I put them on, and a bit of makeup, a baggy t-shirt, and act all casual as I bend over in front of him.  It makes him putty in my hands.  Sadly, even yoga pants can't persuade him to get me central air.)

Also, a hearty thank you goes out to K-Ginger's (you remember K-Ginger, right?) Aunt and Uncle, we had a great time camping at the cottage, and we will be back.  Thanks again.

And I really recommend you check out Rockstar Boots.  Kellie is really cool and she does really cool stuff.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Forty Three Years Ago Today...

...Papa Fifi made an honest woman out of Mama Fifi.  Then they had my older frére (whatever), then they got it right (c'est moi), and then they had a weak moment (younger frére).  Their marriage has been a fairy tale.  A Grimms fairy tale.  You know how in the real Grimms fairy tales people are always getting hacked up, or having birds pluck out their eyes, or getting poisoned?  Yeah, my parents keep that shit real.  Yet they still seem to like each other.  We should all be so lucky. 
Happy Anniversary to my Mum and Dad.  And thanks for doing it that night in 1969! 


And, just in case you're wondering, I went to that second interview.  I will consider the part where I sat in air conditioning for an hour the successful bit.  I will not be pursuing a career in insurance.  Ever.  
But that interview ensemble rocked.  Totally.

Will Work For... A While

My year off has been wonderful so far, but after much deliberation I have decided to seek gainful employment.  A reason to get up in the morning, get dressed and shave my legs.  Maybe throw on a bra.  Pluck my chin hair.  And I think it would be nice to have an air conditioned place to go during heat waves.  I have decided that I will only apply for jobs that sound like something I would like to do.  Nay, love to do.  No weekends, though.   And no evenings.  (I guess I don't want to work that badly.)  So I applied for a customer service job at an insurance company.  First interview today, and it went swimmingly.  I was asked to come back tomorrow for another interview.  After supper Mr. XY suggested a google search of the company, just to get the lay of the land.  Results?  Now I am at a loss.  About fifty percent of the information is from disgruntled former employees, and they are of the opinion that the company is a scam.  Employees that were required to pay for training and recruit more employees.  WHAT?  To be fair, this feedback is from American respondents.  The Better Business Bureau rates the company A+ in Canada.  Obviously the U.S. has different rules regarding employers, and not one single person in the London office mentioned any out of pocket expenses to me.   I also made it clear that I am NOT a salesperson.  Still, I am a little leery.  I will keep the second appointment, partly because I'm curious to see if they have something real to offer, or if they are going to try scamming me.  But mostly I will go because I have a darling ensemble completely planned.  Maybe Sweet XX will photograph me tomorrow and you can see what a confection I am in it - seriously friggin' cute.